I am Bernadette Martínez Hernández, I have a BSc in Computer Science (BUAP), an MSc in Computational Logic (University of Amsterdam) and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (University of York).

I am also a certified OM Life Coach by (the now defunct company) OneTaste. Apart from what I learnt during my coaching training and all the OM related trainings I took, everything else I've learnt in the way of consciousness has been through medicine ceremonies, the occasional coaching, training or book, and loads and loads of research I conducted with myself. You can say that I have been my greatest teacher. 

I hold deep awareness sessions for people seeking exponential transformation in areas of challenge and/or uncertainty via the Inner Oracle Consultations.

I also teach people how to connect to their intuition and cultivate it via the Erotic Engine Training. 

One of my main aims is to offer in all my services an experience of awareness expansion without having people buying into dogma or teachings foreign to them. 

So if you are into Hermetic studies, awesome! If you like your science, I can roll with that too.

You can read more about my inner work and how I got to create the services I offer here.